Lovi Bath Fittings


Long Body Bib Cock S.NO-2401
Pillar Cock S.NO-2404
Sink Cock S.NO-2407
Wall Mixer Non Telephonic S.NO-2410
Central Hole Basin Mixer S.NO-2413
Washing Machine Tap S.NO-2416
Short Body Bib Cock S.NO-2402
Concealed Stop Cock Medium 15mm-20mm S.NO-2405
Swan Neck S.NO-2408
2 in 1 Bib Cock S.NO-2411
Wall Mixer 2 in 1 With L Bend S.NO-2414
Angle Valve S.NO-2403
Concealed Stop Cock Heavy 15mm-20mm S.NO-2406
Sink Mixer S.NO-2409
2 in 1 Angle Cock S.NO-2412
Wall Mixer 3 in 1 With L Bend S.NO-2415
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